Course Description

Paramhansa Yogananda wrote, “Meditation is the highest form of activity a person can perform.” It is one of the most natural and rewarding of all human activities. It gives direct, intuitive experience of higher consciousness, and is the cornerstone of deep spirituality. It also brings balance, rest and a growing inner peace. This course is open to anyone who wishes to learn to meditate, regardless of religious or spiritual background. Whether or not you are a new to meditation, these lessons can help you establish and develop a deep, consistent practice and help awaken within the peace, joy and divine love that are a part of your true nature. This course is a step one out of four on the Path of Kriya Yoga It can be done also as a standalone Learn to Meditate course.

What This course Includes:

  • Yogananda's Hong-Sau technique of concentration

  • Simple, "do-able" suggestions of how to sit comfortably for meditation

  • A unique system of exercises for controlling and increasing your energy level and overcoming fatigue.

  • 8 lessons over a time period of 30 days and 2 Live Sessions

  • Assistance to develop a consistent meditation practice.

  • Personal mentoring from instructor via the course.

  • Digital videos of experienced meditators like Swami Kriyananda and other senior Acharyas.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • What is Kriya Yoga?

    • About Ananda & Our Teachers

  • 2

    Lesson 1: Getting Started

    • What is Meditation?

    • What is "NOT" Meditation

    • Benefits of Meditation

    • Levels of Consciousness

    • 21 Reasons to Meditate by Tyagi Jayadev

  • 3

    Lesson 2: Practical Hints on Meditation

    • Posture

    • Where & When to Meditate

    • The Spiritual Eye

    • 9 Meditation Tips

    • Routine

    • Guided Meditation for Beginners

  • 4

    Lesson 3: Learning to Relax

    • Meditate with Relaxation by Swami Kriyananda

    • Techniques for Relaxing the Body- Double Breath & SCL

    • Techniques for Relaxing the Body- Full Yogic Breath

    • Routine

    • Guided Meditation

  • 5

    Lesson 4: Interiorization

    • Using concentration to Focus Our Minds

    • Introduction to Hong- Sau

    • Routine

    • Guided Hong- Sau Meditation

  • 6

    Lesson 5: Focusing the Mind: Visualization, Prayer and Chanting

    • The Importance of Focusing the Mind

    • Routine

    • Chant-O God Beautiful

    • "Land of Mystery" - A Guided Meditation by Swami Kriyananda

  • 7

    Lesson 6: Expansion

    • Entering The Expansive Stage of Meditation

    • Eight Aspects of God

    • Routine

    • Chant-Thousands of Sun

    • Guided Meditation

  • 8

    Chapter 7: Energization Excercises

    • The Importance of Energy

    • Principles of Energization Excercises

    • 39 Energization Excercises

    • Routine

    • Chant-Door of my heart

    • Guided Meditation

  • 9

    Chapter 8: Bringing Meditation into Daily Activity

    • Meditation in Daily Life

    • Routine

    • Quiz

  • 10

    Optional Further Resources

    • What-is-Meditation-by-Swami-Kriyananda

    • Why-Meditate-by-Swami-Kriyananda

    • Superconscious Living Excercises

    • 5 Simple Ways to Relax by Swami Kriyananda

    • Lessons in Meditation- Handbook

    • A Course in Meditation with Swami Kriyananda-Part 1

    • A Course in Meditation Part 2 Beginning Your Meditation Practices with Swami Kriyananda

Benefits of this Course

For Body, Mind & Soul

  • Higher level of Energy

  • Reduces Heart risk and Helps in Chronic diseases

  • Enhance clarity, Emotional balance and Productivity

  • Improve Communication and Interpersonal Relationships

  • Greater intuition and Attain Higher states Awareness

  • Leads to Deep states of Inner Peace


  • How are the Learn to Meditate sessions structured?

    Learn to Meditate is a sequence of 8 sessions. Every session includes a mix of reading material, instructive videos, meditation routines, audios and transcripts. Since the program is a step-by-step process, sessions cannot be skipped and each one needs to be watched in its entirety.

  • In how many days do I have to finish Learn to Meditate?

    Starting from your registration date, you 30 days to complete the program.

  • What happens once I register?

    If you are accessing the course for the first time - An email with the login link will be sent to your registered email address

  • Where can I find support if I have questions?

    We will have 2- Live Sessions during the duration of the course to guide you in your practice and answer your questions. We encourage you to attend these sessions

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The course fee is Rs. 500